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Garage Construction in St. Louis, MO!

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If you are searching for Garage Construction in St. Louis, MO then you are in the right spot. Homeowners have many different reasons for wanting a new garage construction project. Some are motivated by the desire to protect their families. Others worry about having their vehicles damaged from bad weather. We also have many other customers that desire more storage space or want a workspace away from the main house.

Locally owned and operated Gallagher Bros Construction has developed a reputation for high-quality work and phenomenal customer service in the St. Louis area for decades. If you are planning the construction of a new garage or need to replace your existing garage, Gallaghers Bros has you covered! We are a full-service garage construction company handling every phase of your garage construction project. We build both residential garages and commercial garages in St. Louis, and the surrounding communities including over the river in Illinois. Each Gallagher Bros Construction garage is custom-tailored to the style and size that meets your needs.


Summary Gallagher Bros Construction Garages Building Process:

  • An experienced Garage designer will visit your home, listen to your needs, and perform a site inspection. Next, we will discuss materials, colors, and other items that we need so we can create a proper quote. 
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, a contract will be written with all garage construction project details.
  • Next, we will need a Plat of Survey so that Gallagher Bros Construction can apply for all necessary permits from your local municipality.
  • If an existing garage is to be torn down, a teardown date will be scheduled. On this date, weather permitting; the teardown begins and includes removal of existing garage and concrete for proper disposal.
  • We then start with a foundation that is framed in compliance with local code and then poured. Our skilled carpenters frame the structure, install windows, doors, and trim. Then, they complete the exterior of your garage. Our electricians give your new garage power.
  • Cleanup is the last step of the project. This team is responsible for ensuring that any debris on the site is properly discarded.
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